Dr. B's Histo Review

 These pages  support the Animal Histology (146:322) course at Rutgers University.  Use the following links to other histology sites on the web.

Histology Links

These are the PowerPoint Presentations used in lecture.  The information is presented with histological images taken by light microscopy, and augmented with transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images. 

Lecture Slides 


These pages contain a number of digitized images for the study of histology. The images have been collected by Bruce Babiarz, PhD, Professor of Cell Biology & Neuroscience and Histology Instructor at Rutgers University. The following tissues and organ systems are available:

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The Labs



   Loose Connective Tissue and Adipose

   Dense Connective Tissue, Cartilage, Bone and Joints

   Blood and Blood Forming Tissues

   Blood Vessels

   Lymphatic System


***** Lab Practical I Review *****



   Nervous System


   Sensory Systems

   Digestive System

   Respiratory System


***** Lab Practical II Review *****


   Urinary System

   Female Reproductive System

   Male Reproductive System

   Endocrine Systems


***** Lab Practical III Review *****


Each section is presented with a short descriptive text and links to labeled pictures. At the end of the section the images are presented again, in an unlabeled, lab practical format for review. The thee review sections, covering the material on Lab Practical Exams I, II, and III, each contain 6 practice exams with 10 scopes each.

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All images were acquired using a Nikon Diaphot inverted microscope and Image Central Software in the Imaging Facility, Nelson Biological Labs, Rutgers University. Images were manipulated and labeled using Adobe Photoshop. All images are copyrighted and not available for general distribution.

Please e-mail any comments to: babiarz@biology.rutgers.edu