Basic Mendelian Genetics - Demonstration Website

This is a demonstration website to support the teaching of the first filial or F1 cross.  These websites are to be used with assigned reading material, to supplement lectures or to aid in problem solving. There is much more material here than one would find in a general book particularly in the discussion of sex-linkage in the ZZ-ZW sex-determination system.  Our aim for the Toolbox is to provide information useable for the genetic analysis of any organism, not merely those that have already been well studied.


Terry R. McGuire

Alleles, Genotypes and Phenotypes    
Autosomal inheritance    
Backcross 1  (P1 x F1) (not active)    
Backcross 1  (P2 x F1) (not active)    
Complete Dominance    
Dimensions of Analysis    
First Filial Cross (F1) Definition  
First Filial Cross (F1) Dominance - Autosomal Genes Sample Problems
First Filial Cross (F1) Dominance - Sex-linkage XX-XY or XX-XO systems  
First Filial Cross (F1) Dominance -Sex-linkage ZZ-ZW systems  
First Filial Cross (F1) Comparison of Autosomal and Sex-linked Genes  
F2  (not active)    
Gametic Arrays    
Genotypic Arrays Combining Genotypic and Gametic Arrays.  
Alleles, Genotypes and Phenotypes    
Heteromorphic chromosomes    
Homomorphic chromosomes    
Homozygous line Definition  
Homozygous line How to Obtain a Homozygous (Parental Line) -   
       autosomal trait  
        sex-linked (XX-XY)  
        sex-linked (ZZ-ZW)  
Homozygous line How to Obtain a Homozygous Line for a Dominant Gene  
        autosomal trait  
        sex-linked (XX-XY)  
        sex-linked (ZZ-ZW)  
Homozygous line How to breed a Homozygous Line for More than one Trait  
Incomplete Dominance    
Independent Assortment (not active) Arrays and Independent Assortment  
Integrative Levels of Organization    
Partial Dominance    
Parental Lines (also see homozygous lines)  
Alleles, Genotypes and Phenotypes    
Principle of Independent Assortment  (not active)    
Principle of Segregation    
Principle of Uniformity    
Reciprocal F1 cross    
Sex Linkage XX-XY or XX-XO systems  
Sex Linkage ZZ-ZW systems  
Test Cross (not active)    
Uniformity, Principle of